Before it was -0

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A little late on the update. These activities actually took place last weekend ... Before the trickle of snow. Before the negative celcius attacked upon us ~ Yes. Indeed, as of now, I sound pretty bummed because the weather's simply too cold to go out and play .. Sighz ... BUT apparently the cold weather will be temporarily departing us for a short time next week! :D So until then I'll leave u with the fun we had before it was -0 :P

Photo Memoirs:

And last weekend saw baby girl Sheela ~ She returned from our her Thailand trip all tanned and pppuurrtttyy  :D Missed her!

& I also discovered Sky likes to clean his face standing up in front of the mirror lolz ...

Note: He's not playing with his reflection. He was just standing there grooming himself .. lol .. My pets are AWESOME! haha ..


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