Monday, December 07, 2009

It's been getting cold here .. and I can't help but stay indoors. But because Mr. Rowe kept saying how lazy I was getting and gave me the name: Hibernator 
On Sunday, I decided to step foot outside the sanctuary of a heated room and explored the Winter Wonderland 2009.

One thing I am thankful for is .. Though cold. The rain has finally subsided! No more gloomy cold weather .. Actually it's been rather sunny ~ :)

At night we got together with a group of friends and had a delish meal of Korean BBQ located at B2 of the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC)- Currently the Tallest building in Shanghai/Asia ~ 

It was an All You Can Eat specials night. So the boys were extremely happy ~ lol .. Usually on regular nights, a small dish of beef, pork, or seafood goes for the price arnd 80-90 RMB .. I guess you can consider it on the pricier side .. and the portion being tiny and all .. So if you get the chance then go on a weekend when they do the all you can eat ;)

Here are some pictures I took of the yumz food :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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