Original Glazed

Friday, December 18, 2009

Today was probably the coldest day here .. at least so far .. -3 Celcius. Yes. FRREEEZZZIINNGG .. So for those who's living under the warm weather you're OH-SO-LUCKY!

But despite the bone chilling wind, I decided to step foot outside and fight that cold simply because: The first Krispy Kreme store has FINALLY opened here in Shanghai! *Cheers*!!

I've been craving for it since forever! Cause the last time I had it was prob 2 years ago? So I was very excited to taste the original glazed once again .. hhmmm yum ...
Alright then! Photo Memoirs:

Full Winter Gear :P

Before we went to Krispy Kreme, Mr. Rowe & I decided to sit down and have a warm bowl of Pho~


We ordered 6 to go and ate 2 hot out of the oven ones at the store :D
It was definitely worth the trip!
Have a great weekend!!


PS. Tomorrow's Saturday. So check back for the Beauty blog entry!! Thank you all for the support!!!

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