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Friday, December 04, 2009

Morning. Its Saturday, and like I promised myself, today is the day I do my weekly beauty blog. So without further ado. I shall begin ...

I got a request from my good friend D. to do an entry about the neck area or as we skincare crazed ppl like to call it: the V-Zone.

As a woman. Growing up. Naturally we all become very aware of our skin condition .. esp our face. But what a lot of girls forget .. or neglect, is their neck area.

What they don't realize is: the skin arnd your neck area is actually thinner than the skin on your face. & when neglecting it .. with less muscle of its own to support it .. when it ages, it will take us a lot more than a toner or 2 to fix 'em lines .. & honestly, but droopy neck skin is quite nasty. :(

So below are some tips on how to help maintain ur V-Zone looking youthful. I'll first go through some pointers on small daily remedies which you can do at home and then I'll list out a few product suggestions ;)

Keep Your Neck Looking Youthful Tip #1: Keep that chin high!

When watching TV, next time consider your position. Whether it's on that couch of yours, or on that bed of yours. Do you lower your chin towards your chest every time you watch tv?

Cuz if you do, and usually, I'm guessing, you stay that way for at least a couple of hours, then you are creating wrinkles right there and then! It's similar to those ppl who like to raise their forehead when they speak. over the years, some maybe very young, but they will develop unwanted lines on your skin.

By keeping your chin up, it will prevent creating wrinkles and lines. So next time when watching that television of yours, take ur viewing position into consideration!

(Also consider you sleeping position. If you like to sleep on really high pillows, then that means your chin is pointed towards ur chest during your rest. Try sleeping on a lower pillow so you can keep that neck flat ~)

Keep Your Neck Looking Youthful Tip #2: Be Fair!

When I say: "Be Fair!" I mean: take care of your neck like you would your face.

I mean, if you're using a scrub on your face, use it for your neck too! If you're using a mask for you face, after you peel it off your face, use it on your neck for another 5 mins or so ... and guess what? If you do that. That is exactly your solution to a more youthful V-Zone.

Also when stepping out, REMEMBER to put SPF on that neck of yours too! Don't just top at your chin. Extend on down and apply that SPF to your neck! Sun rays are a major cause to dryness and wrinkled skin.

Keep Your Neck Looking Youthful Tip #3: Exercise & Massage

Just like every part of your body, your neck too need to exercise .. and prob don't mind having a massage once in a while either.

Exercising, you are also strengthening the muscle in the area and it's mobility. The exercise which I do .. and I'm not just saying this .. but was recommended by a doctor friend of my mom's .. is very simple. something all of you can do at home regularly

Home Exercise:
Sit up right, and stretch your head towards your shoulder, keep it there for 30 secs, then back to the center, and stretch to the other side for another 30 secs. Then, stretch your head towards your chest, hold for 30 secs, back to center, stretch towards your back, hold for 30 secs. Do a couple of sets.

Massage, is another thing you can do daily at home to help maintain that v-zone skin.

Put some moisturizer of choice (or any neck firming products) on your finger tips and massage with an upward motion until the product is fully absorbed.

Ok .. that's the part about home remedies .. and now onto products ;)

So below I'll list out 2 products that I've used. One's on a more affordable price range, and the other is a little pricier. Depending on your budget you can buy accordingly. ;)

I am, however, not gonna just list out a bunch of neck cream products available out there. Because if I haven't tried it. I don't want to pretend I know, when I really don't .. :P (If you have better suggestions than the ones I'm listing please feel free to let me know! :D ~ )

1. Loreal Advanced RevitaLift Face & Neck Day Cream
A daily cream that helps firms and reduce wrinkles targeted to the face & neck. It earned the Best Beauty Buy Winner in 2007. & the Price is very reasonable. Can be purchased at arnd price of: 16-17 USD

2. Dermajuv Neck Restoration Cream

Known to be the best neck cream out there. The brand is well-known when it comes to it's anti-aging products and this one wasn't an exception either. It won the prize for best neck cream 09'. Here's a detailed review which you can have a look at:

I don't remember the exact purchase price .. Since I bought it a while ago .. and I can't seem to find it online ... But I remember it was a little towards the pricier end. But personally, I do like the product a lot. & I didn't get any bad side effects from it .. like skin reactions etc. :)

Alright. Thats my Beauty blog for this week. Running late on getting ready!! aahh .. I actually have this Museum event to attend! ... haha .. They are having an exhibit in honor of my great grandpa ~ :)

Have a great weekend!

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