Otoro Otoro Otoro!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its been a while since I had Otoro. Living in Shanghai, tho there are loads of All U Can Eat Japanese restaurants. It does lack a good quality Japanese sushi place. & tho the Otoro I had last night can't compare to the ones I get to have in LA or Vegas (Caesar Palace's .. Best I've EVER had!), its good enuf to cure the craving I've been having for a long long time ...

Otoro Sushi @ Tian Jia Shanghai

Thank you Gigi J. for taking us there! ;)

After dinner, we headed to a nearby arcade .. Usually I'm not a big arcade fan but last night we were there for 3 1/2 hrs thanks to one game! Its this fishing game .. I guess there is a little gambling involve lol .. U basically put in 100-200 rmb of coins and try to hit the jackpot. My friends once won 2000 in one night lolz ... Tho last night we lost .. 50 rmb only tho! We're planning to head back there next weekend and go win us some $$$ lolz ... & gambling aside, it's actually a really fun game .. Mr. Rowe end up dreaming about it haha .. geek!

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