Monday, November 16, 2009

Since I've been uber busy the past few months. I haven't had the chance to go get my nails done. But I figured, before jettin' off to Tpe, I should get my act together a little and not look like a nomad when I step foot onto Taiwan soil.

While getting my nails did, I discovered a kind of nail polish which they like to call it: Krackpolish.

It goes on like regular nail polish, but once it dries up it naturally creates this "cracked" affect. Pretty dope.

Last I leave you a pic of my baby nugget. To give the lucky you(s) who's currently not located in cold areas an idea of HOW COLD it is. Winter arrived too early, even our animals can't do nothin' but hide under a warm blanket ... lol ..

tadas dwarlings!

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