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Friday, November 27, 2009

So its Saturday, & I was thinking, since Saturdays are quite chilled and relaxed for me. Imma use this day as the day I do my beauty blog ... Yes .. I know .. I've been a big lazy arse and been putting my beauty blogs off for a long time .. But I can't help it! I pretty much manage a dozen of sites (Including my dad's website So by the end of the day I really couldn't be bothered to blog .. :P

Ok stop the blabbing and here goes ~~

So as I aged .. Yes. Dun want to admit it. But so damn true. I do, and am in fact, aging ...
I realized one of the most important skincare a girl (or I guess "woman") needs is: A good eye cream ... As well as other last minute remedies to make 'em black circles, eye bags, or simply ANY signs of aging fade away!

Because honey, if those eyes are sagging .. Trust me. It ain't pretty. & worst of all it adds like an extra 5 yrs to ur face.

So below are some basic eye care 101, as well as products and do-at-home remedies which I find very effective :)

  • The very basic, as some of you might think "duh!", but I know SOOO many of you who ain't doing it (I myself for one is often guilty as charged) .. is: GET ENUF SLEEP! & I dun mean go to sleep in am hrs after staying up. The best hr to go to sleep and replenish ur body (& soul) is clinically proven at the hrs between 11pm - 2am. Thats when ur body revitalize itself best.
  • 1 do-at-home care that I find quite soothing and useful is using herbal tea bags or green tea bags soak in warm water for awhile and then let them sit on your eyes for 10-15 minutes a few times a week .. It helps reduce the puffiness of those eyes ;) .. Sometimes I like to put the tea bags in the fridge so they are ice cold. either or is a good way to wake 'em eyes up!
  • Another do-at-home last minute SOS is if your eyes are REALLY puffy ... in the morning and you want to take down some of the swelling, leave table spoons in the freezer over night and when you wake up put the backs of the spoons onto your eyes and underneath them .. of course thats the ghetto way .. u can also go out and purchase those eye masks purposely made for that i.e. like this one:

  • For choice of eye cream, after testing out quite a few, I have to go with: Clarins' Advanced Extra-Firming Ee Contour Serum/Cream. One for day and one for night.
Serum for Day

This Serum consists of Hibiscus, Brown Algae and Agrimony. It'll help reduce puffiness & I swear! when I used it the first time, I could actually feel the skin arnd of eyes instantly tightens. Its a excellent before makeup eye serum ;)

Cream for Night

To match off the day serum, there is of course the Night cream. It consists of Euphrasy and Ispaghul. Which helps smooths out the signs of fatigue and lines. & best of all its not oil based. When using eye cream, thats a big no no. Since the skin arnd the eye area is extra sensitive, you should never use anything too extreme on them.

Application: It is best to use your ring finger (4th finger) and apply with a light tapping motion from the inner eye corner to the outter eye corner.

Why 4th finger? becuz it is weaker in strength compared to ur other fingers thus you won't over "tap" it :P

  • & the last product I recommend is Chanel's Precision Ultra Correction Total Eye Revitalizer
This mask is very popular among celebs and models. It helps smooth eye area, reduce eye puffiness and dark eye circles almost instantly after use. Therefore it is often used right before application of makeup. 1 package consists of 10 packs, and it costs arnd 145 USD .. Definitely on the more pricier side but, personally, I luv it. Works awesome for me ~ If u get the chance def try it ;)

alright .. thats my beauty blog for the week ~ Have a great weekend!

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