Make the most out of this rainy season!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Its been raining non stop for the past week or so. & apparently its gonna stay this way for a while longer .. Dunno whats up with the weather this year. It was crazy hot and now rain thru out the month .. Not the usual weather here in SHG I have to say .. Anyway. So its been a pain in the arss to get dressed cuz half the time I'm worried about my clothes or pants getting wet.

Finally I decided to purchase those rain boots I've always wanted ever since back in April (When the rain was dominating the city as well ...). Besides, for the past yr rain boots have became more than just rain boots. Ppl simply wore them for the sake of the look. i.e. Kate Moss (my love .. lolz )

In the end I decided on the Hunter rain boots. They should be arriving today! Can't wait to wear them out into this rainy city! I guess raining ain't that bad after all ...

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