Princesses of Bitch Land with Karma as our best friend

Thursday, May 07, 2009

"Cinderella's Living Proof That a Pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life "

All little girls were told fairy tales. Every night, we tentatively listen to our mothers narrate magical stories of prince charming & the beautiful princess. Our minds tune into these stories, we believe & hope that some day our prince charming will come along.

What we don't realize, is that not all of us WANT to be swept off our feet and carried away. Some of us might want to ride that damn horse ourselves, or reach the castle with our own desired ways.

To figure that out, us "princesses" in the real world probably have to go through many heart breaks. Dating many a-holes, d-bags. Before we can finally see clearly what is it that we really want.

While talking to my best friend a while back, we came to the conclusion that: really, Fairy land is "Bitch" land. & Princess' best friends aren't woodland creatures, or dwarfs. But rather Karma. Because in the end what you've done, will hit you right in the ass.

But my point, after all this blabbing of nonsense theory my friend and I made up. Is:

Though it sounds dreadful & exhausting, but Karma IS after all your best friend, if you're patient and loyal, in the end the right man will come along ~ & when that time comes, all the past bullshit will seem so minimal because at this moment. This minute. You will feel ever so content with who you are for finally knowing what you want ~ <3

& Thats how I know ;)

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