Work work work! .. & Another New haircut lolz :P

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Haven't done a post in a while. Been busy embedding myself in the online community of 开心网 ( Its basically a networking site like facebook but in Chinese. Loads of my guy friends are on it just to pick up girls .. lolz .. pathetic no? haha ... Anyhooo ~ So basically I've been on there networking. Esp promoting my online store that I started a few months ago .. For those are interested and just wanna tak a look click on the link below:

Other than work and sitting in front of my comp 24/7. I went and got myself another haircut .. yup ~ even SHORTER .. I think after this the only solution to change my hairstyle again is either have the damn patience to let it grow OR go bald (WHICH if i ever go that nuts, I'll also add a tattoo on my head or something lolz)

So far enjoying the boyish cut. Cuz basically I wash my hair, dry it with a towel, chuck a bunch of hair products and I'm out the door! lolz .. Honestly, boys have it easy in life!

Alright ~ I'm outtie :)

Love Gi

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