Saturday, March 10, 2018

So earlier this week I received a surprise package & upon further investigation it was a care package sent by ESQIDO .

(Previously I've done a review post on them as well: ESQIDO MINK LASHES)

The sweet team at Esqido had decided to send me their new combo kit :UNISYN LASHES.
It's a kit with 3 sets of lashes, each at different length that can cater to different needs / occasions.

The 1st pair "Bread&Butter" is the shortest length of the 3 sets. It's definitely the go to if you're opting for a natural look. Probably most suitable for day time engagements when you want a little more definition but not look like you're about to hit the club.

The 2nd pair "Love&Peace" is medium in length and is more of a winged look with the inner lashes shorter and the outer lashes extends to longer length. Personally this pair is my fav, which is also why as you will see in my video I chose to try on.

The 3rd pair "Smoke&Fire" is for sure the lashes for a night out. It's thick and luscious but being Mink lashes it doesn't weigh down. Volume but with the perfect fluff to keep it looking natural, unlike some lashes where they become a ridiculous curtain each time you blink! :P

Finally, last but not least, the box also comes with the Esqido Companion Eyelash Glue! Which makes this little kit a perfect combo kit!

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Thank you for watching!

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