ESQIDO Mink Lashes

Saturday, December 09, 2017

I don't know about you but I've always been a sucker for a good pair of falsies. Although ever since lash extensions came into play, most of the time I do opt for lash extensions. However having a long term habit of getting extensions can cause damage to my own lashes. So every few months I do try and take a break, and when I do a pair of high quality lashes + strong adhesive becomes my best friends.

Being the holiday season, I'm sure many of us have various parties to attend. Which means lots of picture taking moments. So in times like this if you're not a lash extension kinda gal or if like me you're taking a break cause you've noticed a substantial breakage in your own lashes due to extensions *sob*,  a pair of fluffy natural looking falsies is prob the best alternative option.

I won't lie, ESQIDO's team did reach out to me and suggested that I try out their product. But I was very honest with them. I told them: I'll be happy to try their product but will give an honest review. I'm not one to just compliment simply because it was gifted. The team behind ESQIDO was very understanding and off they go sending me a pair of their mink lashes & their signature companion eyelash glue!

I picked one of their best sellers: UNFORGETTABLE

I chose this pair cause I thought it'll look natural and the shape of the lashes was very consistent to how I would usually get my lash extensions. I try to shy away from any lashes that are far too heavy to avoid looking like I have a curtain in front of my eye. Especially since these days I choose to do very light eye makeup. Long gone are those smokey eyes days for me ~! "Au-naturale" it is! ha! ;)

& Here's the before/after pictures:



Overall I LOVED the lashes. They are super light, when wearing it did not irritate my eyes like some lashes do. The lashes itself are super fluffy, they looked very natural and not heavy at all. They are by far the closest falsies look wise to how my lash extensions usually would be. 

The glue was easy to apply and once dry it was 100% clear so there was no mess left behind. Especially when I stumbled a bit when applying my left eye, I did not have to clean up any residue glue.

I do recommend when applying allow the glue to dry a little before putting the lash to your eyelid, cause when I applied too fast it didn't stick as securely. But once I got the timing right, the lashes latched on tight! 

Thank you ESQIDO, I'm def hooked and think I've found my new fav lash brand ~! 

AND LADIES: 6 more hours to shop for their BUY 2 GET 1 FREE deal!! so get on it! 


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