Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Hello Everybody!

Today’s a special lil day~! Nope! Not because it’s Independence Day (but I am grateful for this day ~!) but because it’s my lil buddy Sylvester’s birthday ~!

My lil man is turning 7yrs old today and time flies with our fur babies don’t they ? It seems like it was only yesterday when I picked him up for the first time. Barely bigger than my hand. Still wrestling with his brothers in a crate set outside of a vet’s office on adoption day.

Yes, he was an adopted baby. I do not support pet stores or breeders cause I truly believe there’s so many adorable animals in need of a loving home that we don’t need to buy into designer breeds. In the end, no matter the breed, they all just have unconditional love to give back.

So hope you enjoy this short birthday video I made for my spoiled dog ~! & hopefully it’ll inspire you to also adopt and not shop~! Cause I doubt I would’ve found a dog similar to my Sly in a pet store :D

Thank you for watching!


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