VLOG 411: EASTER SUNDAY ~! BTS Headshot shoot & Easter Brunch ~!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

[PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.angelokangleon.com/ ]
Top by Missguided 
Denim By Stylenanda

Happy Easter!! 

How is everyone spending their Easter? 

I actually had to help out on a photoshoot set since the subject of photography was none other than my boyfriend .. lol 

We got up pretty early to get ready and spent most of the morning at the studio. But we didn't fail to make up the Easter holiday spirit by bringing Sylvester to prob one of the best brunch I've had in a while~! Especially the pancake! It was soaked in 3 types of milk (1 being condensed milk!) ! it was sooooo delicious !! 

Well I'll let the video do the talking now ~ 
Thank you for watching! 

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