Cant We Start The Weekend Again?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cant We Start The Weekend Again? by gigil4m featuring a long sleeve dress
Photo credit: Yoni

Rib knits were everywhere this Winter and prob will show up in  lighter form during Spring. So like most girls, I had a set or 2 added to my closet. 

Instead of a one piece though, personally I prefer the 2 piece sets. I prefer the interchangeable factor of the 2 piece sets. If on some days I don't want to wear the full set I can switch off the top or the bottom to create another look. 

Although we are switching into Summer mode, lighter rib options are still a great outfit to add. So instead of the heavier rib sets, I've linked a few good Spring/Summer options in the widget above. check them out ;) 


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