Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving is definitely a time for comfort and feeling cozy. & what better way to do that than snuggling up with an oversized soft sweater. 

As a kid I hated it when my mom put me in sweaters but that's cause for some reason all the sweaters I end up in was super itchy and prickly lol .. or being cause when you're a kid your skin is simply more sensitive to every little thing. But as I grew into my own woman, sweaters are a must for my winter closet. It speaks comfort to me and finding that perfect soft handed yarn is always a joyous occasion. Holiday seasons isn't the same without the warmth of an oversized sweater. 

I kept it semi casual with jeans but paired it with my fav Valentino rockstud heels to pull the whole look together so I don't look too much like a hobo :P 

Well hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend~! Back to work tomorrow but hang in there~! Christmas is around the corner ! x 


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