Sunday, November 22, 2015

CREME by gigil4m
Can you believe it's only 1 week away from Thanksgiving? Where did this year go?? But I do have to say I've had a very blessed year and hopefully it continues till end of year and on & over to 2016!

This year for thanksgiving I'll be accompanying my gf to my first thanksgiving black friday sale - I honestly don't know what to expect cause I'm not one to join the frenzy. Cause I always say: there is nothing that I want so bad to fight another person for .. lol .. but Maybe it's good that I'm going with no expectation? I find that often when you least expect it you may find exactly what you hoped for :)

Well if any of you are planning raid the sales please be safe and remember it is the season of giving. Try and not be one of those mean shoppers ... Cause honestly - nobody likes that.

till next post!

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