Sunday, October 25, 2015

I FALL by gigil4m 
Fall has finally grace itself upon us Californians - although it's still far from enough dip in temperature to really call it Fall. But there was a definite breeze and we are no longer burning from 100+ heat. :)

I kept the weekend chill and focused on yummy foods and what better way to do that than in a comfy tshirt dress & my fav jeans right ? Not to mention the Adidas originals which I have failed to not wear for the past week .. Can you blame me? They go with everything! :P

For accessories I kept it light - and I mean it literally. I'm usually not a watch person since they can feel so binding but lately I discovered Premium Wood Watch by JORD and I absolutely adore their designs. & having the watch made out of wood making it's weight perfect to wear on casual day.

& when I do wear watches - I prefer the bigger watches and JORD provides a good variety of designs which can be worn by both male and female. So if you're on scout for a new watch def check them out ~!

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