Monday, September 07, 2015


MUSE by gigil4m featuring CREME DE LA FAME "MUSE" MUSCLE TEE

Happy labor day ~! Hope everyone is enjoying this longer weekend ~! 

I spent most my time resting and catching up on some quality time with my pets. Think they've gotten too much mommy time that they're eager for me to go back to work so I'll stop cuddling them :P 

However, I did get to head over to downtown LA during the day today & I opted for a comfy muscle tee with lots of breeze room to keep myself sustainable under the heat. The side slits on this tee were ideal to show off a perfect pair of 'em oh-so-popular triangle bras. Matched with my go-to Topshop jeans and my new Jimmy Choo pumps to pull of a simple yet still fun outfit ;) 

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