Sunday, August 09, 2015


Last week my now partner in biz Sheela Awe and I had the pleasure of shooting with the beautiful & talented Angela Chung. The shoot was an editorial for our ecommerce site:  CRÈME De La FAME

It featured us both in one of my current fav piece to wear - a very form flattering Silk Shirt which can also be worn as a dress when paired with my go-to thigh high boots. Tshirt and Shirt dresses is definitely my current obsession and I've mentioned that in my previous posts too. So when we stocked this piece for our store I was def the 1st one to snatch up a piece for my own wearing.

The side slits to the shirt is fairly high, which I didn't mind since I can show off my latest tattoo :P But for girls who is a little more conservative, simply pair it with some shorts and you can still rock it like a dress without the worry of revealing too much ;)

Well hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend ~! Till next post !

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