Saturday, August 01, 2015

 I'm so psyched to announce this new project my baby girl Sheela Awe and I have been slaving away for the past month ~!

I'm here to present to you our ecommerce site & brand:

We decided to take on this adventure because we've always been fashion loving individuals. We often share the same taste and would like similar pieces of clothing, accessories, shoes etc. But we have very different styles.

Amongst ourselves, we were always intrigued by how the other would style the same piece. So that's when we thought wouldn't it be great to have a platform and share our passion? Showcase to other fashion loving girls timeless pieces that can be worn with versatility ~! 

Fashion comes and goes, in the end a piece of clothing is just fabric. But style is what brings out individuality. & we hope that our site can encourage girls to attempt new styling and in return find their eccentric self. 

Some might say fashion is shallow, but the right style on the other hand brings confidence. & No girl should be shamed for that.

Let us all enjoy the journey in finding our style & be CRÈME De La FAME 

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