Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer heat waves continues at 90+ degrees. Times like this call for comfy and cooling outfits. This CREME DE LA FAME jumpsuit is perfect for it. The color is light enough that it won't absorb sunlight heat. The fit and fabric is so light that even trotting outside today I did not complain once how hot it was :P

For jewelry, I got my 3rd Rocksbox (use promo code: gigil4m for 1st month free) package just in time this morning to style it with this look. The necklace was perfect add-on for the look. Perfect drop / length to the jumpsuit neckline.

& LA living isn't complete without a pair of perfect sunnies. I'm def a oversized sunny kinda gal. So when I found the perfect pair on ZEROUV I immediately put in the order.

Now that I've shared my summer wear requirements - What's your survival wear/guide during the heated summer?

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