Monday, July 13, 2015

Please excuse my lack of outfit post this past weekend and the M.I.A. was because I was busy geeking out at Comic Con :P 

It was my first Comic Con and I came home a happy camper. 

Before going I kept my mind set pretty chill - not imposing to try and get the unlimited items or go to certain panels. I just wanted to go with the flow and believed if it was meant to be it'll naturally happen lol .. & good energy were well received.

In terms of the exhibit, I was able to still purchase the Sailor Moon collectible and even got myself the moon stick which was very sentimental for me cause I used to own one back in middle school. My mom threw the old one out when she thought I was too old for it ... which till this day I still blame her a little cause the original moon stick prob worth a good $$ amount now ... :/ 

I also got a lot of awesome original artwork. My fav is the 1st picture above, an original done by the artist inspired by Sailor Moon and all the Sailor Soldiers. Can't wait to get all the artwork framed and put up in my home :) 

Finally, everyone knows how awesome the interviews/panels are at comic con every year. When we entered hall H we were really there for the Quentin Tarantino - The Hateful 8 panel. But to our luck, because of delays, we entered right when Warner Brothers panel began which meant I sat through the whole panel / introduction to DC comics up and coming movies - which included SUICIDE SQUAD, BATMAN V. SUPERMAN. 

The Suicide Squad Trailer, I linked it above for your viewing and trust if you are a true comic book fan this one is going to give you the chills like no other .. I have repeatedly watched it and it still gives me goosebumps .. lol 

Can't wait for next year!! 

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