Saturday, July 25, 2015


As most of my readers know I just recently cut my hair to shoulder length short. But once in a while I can't help but miss those long locks especially when I have a hairstylist that can work magic every time and give me the ultimate mermaid colored hair.

Luckily, these days we have hair extensions so I opted for some new volume in a heartbeat. The hair extensions I'm wearing here are clip-ins and they are by IRRESISTIBLE ME.  They carry a good variety of hair type / color / pricing that caters to your different needs / budget.

This was not my first time using clip-in extensions and I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality. The set I'm wearing is from their ROYAL REMY HAIR and the original color came in as platinum blonde.

After receiving the extensions I took it to my hairstylist and he helped tone it to match my real hair and also added additional colors to create the ombre blue tips. 

The outcome was amazing and the best part was the hair even after coloring felt really smooth. The volume of the hair was also a plus compared to other clip-ins I've used prior. & it blended perfectly to my real hair. 

& to emphasize / showcase my hair for the day - I wore an all white ensemble and just skipped around town with my extra volume hair. The mesh top I'm wearing was perfect for today's hot weather. It's by a local brand/ecommerce site called ARYN K. Another site worth checking out for cute clothes ~ :)

until next post! 

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