Blazer CHIC

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finding classic pieces that can forever contribute to your closet is what I try to achieve when making my purchases. Instead of running after the current trend, I believe in staying true to my own style and not blindly buy something just because it is popular for this season. & a good BF blazer is definitely a must-have item for every girl's closet. Worn during the day it can be used as a casual jacket. But with the right accessories, it can easily adapt to a chic night out.

This H&M blazer was one of the surprise finds that I stumbled upon. I even remember it being just left on top of the rack by whoever tried it on prior. The oversize fit is very flattering and I immediately knew it was a buy. There was even a girl who passed by me and asked me where I found the jacket to which I pointed to the top of the rack cause I honestly did not know where the remaining stock were .. lol ..

Since my outfit was a combination of basic pieces, a good piece of statement jewelry was the perfect add on. The necklace I'm wearing was a find on - they carry a large variety of jewelry at very reasonable prices. & the designs/qualities is no short to the more expensive options on the market. Personally I have no complaints in finding good quality jewelry at a bargain price :P

Shipping through their site is free and they even have a rewards program if you are interested in collaborating with them :) So Ladies def check them out ~!

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