Friday, May 22, 2015

nastydress.com (similar style)

Hermès leather purse

Chanel gold belt

Anyone else  have a hard time finding the perfect body fit white tee ? I certainly do. Most t-shirts are usually on the looser fit side, but once in a while I need that form fitting tee for certain looks - like this one ~

When wearing oversized clothing, I always make sure to find ways to balance the lines so I don't end up looking like I'm being consumed by fabric. So to balance off the oversized trench jacket, I opted for a more form fitting t-shirt tucked into my usual fav jeans. And I have to say, Uniqlo's form fitting chic yet comfortable tee is my top pick right now. The material is very stretchy but extremely soft. The fabric has a smooth finish making it not look underwear like.

Not to mention this tee comes in a variety of colors (like all amazing Uniqlo clothes) to accommodate any color combo you may need to put together. Personally I'm def stocking up on these tees for this summer ~ ;)

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