Sunday, May 17, 2015

So over this weekend I decided to move away from the long hair and back to a shorter do. It's definitely not a first for me cause I used to actually have much shorter hair. & other than cutting it short, I sat in for a 7 hours color correction process to rid my hair of the pastel colors it once possessed and turned myself blonde. The outcome? Well I'm very happy about it ~~ :P Think I'm definitely ready for Summer 2015 ... If only LA will let it begin.

The windy yet sunny weather creates quite a confusion when dressing up in the morning lately .. It looks warm until you step out and realize it's in the 50-60s lol .. Maybe that's why people are getting sick all around me :/

I'm super sensitive to temperature - get cold easily but when too hot I get a migraine lol .. talk about being high maintenance eh ? :P

So to avoid being a whiny person I ALWAYS layer. So if hot, I can take things off. But if cold, I have enough to layer on ~ & today's exactly what I did. I paired my fav jeans with a comfy sweater (mind you underneath I'm wearing a tank top that if necessary i can strip down too lol) & to minus the wind chill a casual denim jacket since sweaters are not exactly wind proof and all ~

Hopefully this weird weather will go away soon cause I'm oh-so-ready to start wearing summer attire ~!

Until next time xxx
Have a wonderful week dwarlings!

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