Sunday, March 08, 2015

BLEU by gigil4m featuring a hermes bag

Zara blue shirt (SIMILAR STYLE)

Topshop high rise jeans

Valentino pumps
$900 -

Hermès hermes bag

I was born and raised in HK where Japanese animes took major dominance in my childhood after school tv hours. & evidently I grew up wishing I had those amazing hair of an anime character. Whether it be blonde, red, blue, orange, pink, green  - you name it they have it. So imagine my joy to have an amazing hairstylist that can make any color come to life !!

Now my hair is definitely my main accessory. So it's quite natural for me to wear clothes that compliments the tones. Luckily most of my closet consists of black and white pieces which are ideal for mix and matching. But often I'll throw in a blue color garment / shoe to help accentuate my blue/purple/grey hair ;P

& before logging off: wishing all amazing ladies an wonderful International Women's day ~!


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