Sunday, January 11, 2015

Splendid calf length dress (similar style)

Zara gray coat

Hermès jewelry

Pamela Love drop pendant

This winter was all about the grey's for me. Whether it was my hair, or clothes, or shoes. I keep making purchases grey related. & to me the best color to pair with grey was blue or aqua tones.

LA amazingly have been seeing a lot of chill temperature and even some rain this winter. So I enjoyed my layering fun. Here I wore my zara gray coat (same as the one I wore in one of my previous posts) but instead of pairing it with denim and tshirt, I wore it with a midi dress with my knee high boots. Although I'm usually not one to over accessorize but since the entire outfit was fairly one toned, I added a necklace by Pamela Love (all time fav) to help separate the lines.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Back to work tomorrow folks!!
Until next post ~!

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