k r y s t l e k n i g h t jewellery

Friday, January 30, 2015

When I was younger I liked to stack on a lot of accessories. But I've come to an age where over accessorizing seemed tacky, so although my love for accessorizing did not deteriorate, the general style and preference however changed. Instead of chunky over-the-top pieces, I've diverted towards more delicate yet unique pieces. 

Krystle Knight is definitely one of my top obsession right now. An Australian designer who focuses on hand crafting intricate designs and often incorporating gorgeous natural crystals. All her pieces complement each other, so you can choose to wear each piece on it's own or stack it up and wear them together. But because the design is so clean, even when you stylize it by stacking it does not seem overwhelming. 

Pricing wise - it is still fairly reasonably priced, and given the quality I think it's well worth it. Their website ships worldwide so although not a lot of places retails this brand, their website is mainly where I go to make my purchases. 

Def check the site out if you're looking for unique pieces to refresh your jewelry box ;) 

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