Sunday, December 07, 2014

GOLD CORE by gigil4m featuring a brown purse

ASOS black cami
$25 -

Chanel brown purse

As Christmas approaches, I took it upon myself to be more festive this year. Not festive in the sense that I'll sport a christmas sweater .. lol .. but slight elements in daily wear to emerge myself in the holiday spirit - just a little at least.

As mentioned in my last post, I added a cute little tweed blazer from Zara to my closet during Thanksgiving weekend. The blazer itself is in a beautiful rich green color. To keep it casual, I matched it with simple all black ensemble underneath but accessorized with gold elements to accentuate the gold buttons on my jacket. Last but not least, my nails were conveniently in red which gave it the perfect Christmas finishing touch :P

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