Friday, November 14, 2014

Apologize for a slight lack of posts during this week. It was an eventful past 4 days and causing me to be home for the past 4 nights at 10pm-11pm. So by then, all I want to do is clean up and snuggle into the bed. However, due to exhaustion, I'm now home on a Friday night, relaxing & finally got the chance to create a post ~! :P

Tonight's outfit is probably something I can literally wear every day and not be sick of it. The basic rock/biker chic getup. A plain white tshirt matched with skinnies, a comfortable pair yet badass looking boots. & of course what is an rock outfit without the classic biker leather jacket right ??

I would say this is one of my no-brainer outfits. When I'm too lazy to think about what to wear but still want to feel like "I'm the shit", this is the easy go-to combo. Again, like all other outfit coordinations, you can definitely pull similar pieces from fast fashion retailers. You don't necessarily have to break your bank account to look good with this set up ;)

Happy Friday!

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