Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just when my long waited Stella McCartney shoes arrived LA was finally cold enough to bring out the jackets. Allowing me to skip around in this outfit I've been longing to wear since fall (or when it was supposed to be fall anyway ... lol)

Maybe cause of my hair, but my obsession with the colors grey, white, & blue continues to grow. I find myself adding more pieces to my closet in these palettes this season.

This outfit is very similar to the set I posted last week but I opted slightly more affordable pieces for the top, jacket, and jeans cause being a working girl I have to pick and choose my splurges. This round, the splurge is def on the shoes no questions asked. I'm just extremely happy that I finally was able to get my hands on them since they've been out of my size every where !

Just like the post title, I'm definitely "Skipping with stars" on 'em feet ;)

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