Thursday, November 20, 2014

My favorite holiday is just around the corner, & today instead of posting an outfit post I've decided to dedicate this post to share some decoration fun.

Growing up, my mom had always made it a point to make Christmas special. She would spent a lot of time preparing all decorations to brighten the house with holiday spirit. She was also the enforcer to make sure I would have many many presents underneath the tree waiting for me to rip them open on Christmas day, or as we called it in Hong Kong - Boxing day

In fact, she took it so serious that she would research and compile a gift list to pass to all my uncles and aunties so they can buy the right toy / not end up buying the same thing lol ... It's like I had my own Christmas registry every year ~!

As I grew older though,  having to study abroad, and now living in LA long term for work. Christmas with my family has been harder to come by. But I'm never sad about it cause I have so much wonderful memories from my childhood to know that I'm always loved and thought of by my family :) If anything, every year around Christmas time, I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy.

So this year, I made it a point to start my own annual holiday celebration. This will be the very first Christmas tree of my own. I've took some time to search online and in store and was able to gather the perfect ornaments & decorations to bring my Christmas vision to life ~! Above are a portion to what will be showcasing on my tree & as you can see the theme will be silver/blue as that has been my color obsession for some time now.

I can't wait! to get my Christmas tree up ~!!

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