Monday, November 03, 2014

STELLA McCARTNEY wool jacket
$1,990 -

Rag & bone blue jeans
$350 -

STELLA McCARTNEY white shoes


Lately I've been obsessed with silvers, greys, whites. Even though it's now fall/winter, instead of the usual dark colors, my eyes have been drawn to the lighter shades.

I think this new preference was inspired by my desire for Stella McCartney's platform shoes this season. In particular the white adorned with silver stars pair. I made it my mission to find these shoes but after searching high and low I still had no luck in finding a pair in my size.

As I've came close to giving up & was defeated with despair (excuse my slight dramatic emotion but it is my #1 obsession -"shoes" we're talking about here!), my beloved father, who was aware I was searching for them, sent over a picture of the exact pair at 6am in this morning with a short message simply saying: "Sending them over the day after tomorrow."

I'm definitely one lucky girl & forever my dad's little girl (& not ashamed) :P
& Trust, there will be a good amount of outfit posts with these new babies ~!

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