Saturday, October 25, 2014

Leave it to LA to be in the 80s in the middle of October. So instead of layering on fall wear, I accepted the warm weather and wore this cami I bought a while back from ASOS.COM.

It's a cropped style swing cami. Solid in color but the fit / design gives it enough flare than a regular cami you would normally wear. From there, I paired it with my fav pair of jeans & of course it was only right to hit the streets with 'em new Jeffrey Campbell Booties ~ :D

Since it was a brunch date, I kept it light on the accessories side and only coordinated the essentials: a light weight cross body bag, a statement piece jewelry - in this case a bracelet/cuff, and of course sunglasses.

Hopefully LA will get some fall/winter weather soon cause I'm ready to layer on my jackets and boots. But for now, I will continue to bathe under the beautiful cali sun.

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