Friday, October 24, 2014

Saint Laurent.

Three words come to mind: TO - DIE - FOR

Hedi Slimane - creative director for the brand, currently in my eyes can do no wrong. From rebranding the YSL name to now Saint Laurent, his update on the overall designs in clothes, shoes, handbags, and finally his monochromic store interior concepts - everything is pure love.

Usually with high end brands people like to present the more formal elaborate designs. But here I purposely picked some pieces that I love from the brand that are more casual. To me it's not always about dressing to the nines. Personally I admire someone who can dress down in style much more than someone who can stack on a glamour look any day. Less is more when done right - & Saint Laurent conveys that effortlessly.

& to stay true with the brand. I will too keep my words short and simple on this post.

Until next time. Have a great weekend~!

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