Saturday, October 18, 2014

Growing up my family were big on animals. There's always at least one pet in the household. It's just too hard to stay away from these furry cuties. 

As I've become more settled in LA I've been actively trying to do more in animal rescue work. Unfortunately due to work my time is limited but I hope to continue to be more involved and hopefully one day dedicate a sufficient amount of time to help out all animals in need ~! :) 

This weekend was the annual "Race For The Rescue" event and we joined to support a charity I closely followed - A PURPOSEFUL RESCUE. They do beautiful work in saving / providing 2nd chance to animals at shelter. Especially the more timid and elder animals who if without their help might have a very slim chance of being adopted. They adopt the animal out from the shelter and allocate them with a foster parent while they searched for the perfect forever home. 

This time we only did the 1K walk since my lil boy Sylvester is so tiny. 1K for him is like 5K. But he did the entire walk himself all the way to the finish line! So proud of him since it's his very first time at an event like this. I think next year we will give it a try at the 5K. If anything we can always carry Sylvester once he gets tired :P 

So glad we participated and can't wait till next year! 


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