Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's been a little more than a year since I took the dive into the pastel hair world. & thanks to my amazing hairstylist I'm now constantly showered with compliments for how amazing my hair color is. But often these compliments are accompanied with a series of questions/concerns as well. & As I've acquainted myself with quite a few interested individuals, I'm came to notice usually everyone had similar questions / concerns. So while I have these fresh pictures of just done hair - I thought I might as well share some of the popular Q&A here for those who might be intrigued to enter the pastel fantasy world of hair ~ :) 

Q: Is your hair bleached?
A: Yes. It is bleached from roots to end. Unfortunately to achieve the pastel / bright colors you will have to bleach unless you're fortunate to be born with natural blond hair. But even then, often some bleach is required to remove the "brassiness" to make it a clean blonde. 

Q: Is it really damaging to your hair?
A: I'd be lying if I said it doesn't damage your hair. So yes, of course it does. However with an experienced hairstylist they will help minimize the damage as much as they can. The IMPORTANT thing is as a client you need to LISTEN to your hairstylist. The thing is everyone's hair reacts differently. Some people's hair takes bleach faster and may hit the lighter tone in 1 sitting. But for some you might need to gradually lighten the hair. 

Take me for example,  the very first time I went to my hairstylist due to my hair condition and previous dyes I've done it was not possible for me to get the pastel color. I had to be patient and worked my way towards the color I wanted. I listened to my hairstylist and did not push him to achieve something unreasonable thus saving my hair from burning off by the bleach all together. 

Q: What kind of hair is best for bleaching?
A: Virgin hair = natural, never colored hair. If you've dyed your hair depending on what color it is, it will affect the bleaching process. If you have dyed your hair to "blue black" or "black" or any dark colors it will make it harder to bleach. So don't expect to get light blonde in 1 sitting if that's the case. 

Q: Does the color fade fast?
A: Unfortunately yes. & that's why before you decide to do this you should know this hair requires high maintenance. Roughly I tone/dye it ever 2 weeks & I go back for a roots touch up bleach + tone/dye every 4-5 weeks. So if you're not ready for that I highly recommend you not to do this ... cause the visits are inevitable and your hairstylist will become your best friend lol 

So above are the questions I get asked the most. Hopefully this helps ~!
Until next post ~! 

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