Thursday, October 23, 2014

Been a fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes since they debuted their famous Lita shoes roughly 3-4 years ago. Ever since then this young shoe label has created a line of affordable yet quality shoes for all ages of women.

I have to be fair, not all their shoes are comfortable. Some are more of a "looker" than functional daily wearables. But as their brand grew so did their designs. They have ventured out providing more subtle sophisticated designs which girls can wear every day at work or on a casual Sunday.

As Fall/Winter is now arriving, I've been wanting to update my boot collection and add a pair of daily booties to my beloved shoe closet. Something that has a decent enough height in heel but not exhausting to wear. After searching vastly on the world wide web, browsing through mass number of options, from higher end to contemporary brands, I finally settled upon Jeffrey Campbell Metcalf Block Boot - The design is somewhat like a Chelsea boot but with an update. Black leather with a metallic heel at the height of 6cm. It was exactly what I needed. Perfecto~

There are also a variation of designs with similar metallic heel and depending on your preference you can def have a pick at what suits you best. I'm actually tempted to purchase the ankle boots with the zippers & silver heel shown above as well ... hmmm ... lol

Well guess I'll be skipping to work in my new booties tomorrow ~! ;P

Have a wonderful evening Dwarlings ~!

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