Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Current Elliott denim dress
$380 -

Bucket bag

AllSaints chain necklace

I truly want to blog more - but not having a photographer to constantly work with me doesn't allow me to get my outfit posts done daily / weekly. But all of a sudden I realized why don't I use my polyvore account to put together some outfits as inspiration ? Nobody could hurt from that now can they? So this is what I'll try to do going on forward but of course when time is given I will def get some actual outfit pictures in as well ~

The above is a lil outfit which I've aspired to put together. currently I've attained the shirt & the boots. Just pending that bag which unfortunately is sold out in the color I wanted (black outer leather with red inner). So for now I'm going to keep her in my wish list and hopefully obtain it when it comes back in stock.

The best part about the above outfit is if you are more on a budget you can easily find bargain deals at the following retailers:


Especially ASOS they have vase range of options and usually I can always purchase something at a very reasonable pricing but still good quality. Quality that can last me more than a good few washing ~

Well that is it for tonight.
I'm logging off ~!


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