Monday, October 20, 2014

Sports bra

Live The Process sports bra
$89 -

Bodyism sports bra
$81 -

Yoga activewear

Yoga activewear

Forever 21 clothing

Lately I've started to push myself to be more active. Due to a close friend's influence and witnessing how her body continues to change within the 2 years she's been involved in this activity I was finally convinced to give it a try.

The sport/excercise to which I'm talking about is - pole.

Yup. Pole. Pole fitness.

Most ppl have a misconception of the sport/exercise itself. often people associate it with "strip tease" or "exotic dancing". But really unless you absolutely want to come in and make it that way, or you're off the bat amazing at pole, most likely you are not going to look too "exotic". & It is by far the best workout I've ever experienced. I've only been doing it for 2 months and now onto my 3rd, I can already see the toning results due to my classes ~ :)

& now that i've been going to more classes I've started my look out for cute workout clothes. Due to the nature of the exercises they do recommend students to wear sports bra + shorts cause you need skin to grip and not slip off the pole. The above 3 sets are the few styles i found really cute while being functional. I have yet to make the purchases but def will add these to my workout gear closet ~!  Can't wait!!!

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