Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Alexander Wang is probably one of my favorite brands right now. His minimalist designs but with an added element are timeless pieces which every girl should invest and make it a part of their wardrobe. Since his H&M collaboration will soon debut, I thought it was only fair that I promoted my love for this brilliant label.

Like many, I first purchased his signature pocket tee and from there it was history. His effortless designs are every seasons must haves. Even something as simple as a T-shirt with Mr. Wang he is able to make it drape perfectly giving you a very comfortable yet appealing attire.

Another reason why I love this label is unlike many higher end brands, Alexander Wang markets his designs with reasonable pricing. What you see is what you pay. Just because his brand is popular he doesn't over charge.  His basic items like his T by Alexander Wang collection (Keep in mind, DO NOT COMPARE to fast fashion retailers who have similar styles which they obviously copied off him) you can purchase his T-shirts, tanks, tops for $80 - $200 range. $80 for a T-shirt might be considered pricey. Yes, maybe. But given the longevity and quality of the garment this $80 will last you sustainably longer than your H&M / F21 / ZARA T-shirts.

For this fall/winter season though, I am absolutely OBSESSED with those leather booties shown above. They come in a variety of colors but being the black, white, & grey schemed me, of course my eyes are set on the full black pair. :P

Well I'm sure many of you will scout out the ALEXANDER WANG X H&M collection when it hit the store floors. Good Luck & hopefully you attain the piece your heart sets on ;)

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