3/17/2014 My First Earthquake

Monday, March 17, 2014

Outfit Details: 
Tops by ZARA 
Denim skinnies by TOPSHOP 
Sunglasses by DOLCE GABBANA 

Monday - as usual went back to work. But rather than the usual alarm buzzing me to wake up. Today I was woken up by a 4.4 earthquake ! 

It was definitely the biggest one I've encountered in all my years living in LA. I honestly didn't know what to do but the first thing that came to mind was: where are my pets George Michael, Sky, & Sylvester. 

In the end everyone was sound and safe. Sky was prob the most shaken one. Poor kiddo was hiding behind the toilet in my bathroom and refused to come out until I pulled him out and calmed him down. 

I'm just grateful all was ok in the end. But also realized I need to be more prepared for things like this. I need to have a drill on how to get everyone out of the house asap when needed to. Especially when I'm by myself and Mr. Theosky Rowe ain't at home with me ~! Like today, he was already at the gym when all of it happened. And the genius actually didn't even realize it was an earthquake until I called lol ... He thought someone working out on the floor above was being an A**hole and dropped a really really REALLY heavy weight on the ground ... Haha ... 

Happy Monday (i guess?)! :P 

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