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Saturday, August 10, 2013

 Stepping away from my usual outfit posts and here to talk about my 2nd favorite thing: F O O D !! 

I love to eat and out of all kinds of food my fav is definitely Japanese food. So when I heard that there was fresh Uni out in Redondo Beach area - I was there in a minute ~! We first made a pit stop at Quality Seafood to gobble up some fresh oysters before heading to our main spot: 

I hate to break it to you, if you don't like UNI aka Sea Urchin - then you do not know how to enjoy Japanese food. & you are 100% missing out :P .. But for those who does enjoy this yummy deliciousness, & if you're living in LA you CAN NOT & SHOULD NOT miss out on this place. 

I went there for the first time today and OMG it's nothing but delish. On top of that the their price is extremely reasonable. I'm definitely going back again whenever I'm craving uni ~! :D 

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!! 

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