Saturday, July 27, 2013

Once again I've been MIA from my blog. To which I apologize but work has been the sole focus for me lately. In terms of blogging, I've resolved to the lazy blogger solution - aka Instagram (username: gigil4m) .. lol ..

although for the most part my life's been pretty routine, one exciting thing did take place this month - and that is I took a plunge in the hair dyeing pool and went straight for the deep end! When I finally decided to come up for air I have now what I like to call "PIRP" hair (aka pink + purple hair)! :P 

I was a virgin to bleaching my hair - but I've always liked to change up my hairstyle. Before mainly with different cuts / dos. Had different short hairstyles for several years. Now that I finally got longer hair I do enjoy the fun I can have with it. So decided why not give the pastel world a try ~! Worse comes to worse I can always cut it all off again right? ;) 



Until next time~! 

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