The Ghosts of Past Halloweenssssss

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Although I'm not going to dress up this Halloween, I thought I'd still show a little Halloween spirit. After all it was, at one point of time, 1 of my fav holidays ~ I guess as you get older you step out of the way and let 'em young fresh faces step up to the game with "sexy" bunnies, cat woman, or even sexy Pikachu! ;P 

So Although I'm not going to be in an outfit, I did have a good history of playing dress up. & Below are a few milestones of my past Halloweens :) 

All in memory of the good times I've had with some very awesome people 


circa 2004
 Personally I thought it was pretty obvious what I was. With the whole "Amelia Earhart" themed look. Although I did get compliments for the outfit it was often followed by "but what are you?" .. lol ... HISTORY ppl! learn it! lol 

circa 2005
So the following year, due to the epic fail of ppl realizing what I was. I went with the more obvious outfit. Police officer ~ Which worked out great because all us girls were color coordinated with no planning beforehand ;) & I have to say 1 of my best Halloween ~ simply because these girls are just amazing :) & I'm proud to say we still adore each other very much xxx

R O C K E R  S C H O O L G I R L 
circa 2007-8 (?)
Skipped a few Halloween between 2005 - 2007 due to my constant moving around. This was my first big Halloween Hurrah living in Shanghai. With very limited resources for costume (unlike here in LA - where you can get a costume practically in every shop), I went with a not so creative costume. Rocker Schoo Girl - who also to some ppl looked like Naughty Teacher (?) lol ... 

K I T T Y  C A T
circa 2007-8
 As most ppl know me know I'm a big cat lover. So it was only right that I need to dress up as a cat at least once for Halloween. So I did. But I ditched the cat suit cause it was so poorly crafted & put together an outfit from my closet + red wig to match my pink fluffed kitty ears ~ ;P 

D E V I L 
circa 2010
Another Halloween I spent in Shanghai. Once again due to the limited resources, instead of buying a costume, I played with my makeup & was the devil for the night ;) I strongly believe for Halloween makeup, you should exaggerate it 10x of what you would usually do. & anything will naturally look like a costume ;P 

So the above are some of the ghosts of my Halloween past ~ Hope everyone is having a wonderful Halloween this year xxx to all you sexy people roaming the dark nights muaks!~


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