Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm sure like many girls who love fashion, we are constantly adding new pieces to our closet. But because of that, very soon we end up with too much. Esp if you're living in an Apt like me. There is limited space when it comes to storage (AND esp if you're sharing it with a bf who likes to shop as well! lol) But yet, you don't want to throw away any of your fashion items, cause a lot of times, they've been only worn once or twice. With that in mind, & the help of a lovely IPhone APP - Poshmark. I've set up: Gigi's Closet - where I can resell some of my clothes/accessories/jewelry etc.

For more please click on the picture above
For non-IPhone users and is interested to order please email: gl4more@gmail.com

Please check it out and I also highly recommend for all you ladies to use :) 
It is definitely a good way to recycle your clothes & not be wasteful

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