Monday, July 09, 2012

How was everyone's July 4th week? Mine was quite eventful thanks to my 3 rugrats at home .. lol .. First Sylvester, had some minor infection .. lets just say in the "behind" area .. so with that we had to rush him to the doctor and have it checked out. THEN, I don't know how, but my indoor kitties somehow got fleas! Eeek! So I had to get them medication and also disinfect my entire house incase of any remains in my carpet/furniture etc. So yes. spent the entire week running around like a crazy woman for my lil ones. But in the end, as long as they're healthy, everything is worthwhile ;) 

Pictures from the past week:
Day of Fun with Sylvester
A proud "Mommy's Boy"
New Knuckle Rings from MADISON
TED! ;P Keychain from KITSON
New EarCap for IPhone
New Iphone case
Yumz at Cafe Roma Beverly Hills
Best Brunch Buffet in town ~ <3
July 4th outfit: Top by GL4More Boutique, Pants by GL4More Boutique, Bag by CHANEL, Shoes by VIVIENNE TAM
Additional Shoe Rack was added to accommodate both his and her's shoes ;)
Back to Basics: Grey Skinnies by ZARA, Sweater by GAP

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