Saturday, June 16, 2012

This Week's Buy:
 Python Boots - ISABEL MARANT

I have been lusting after these boots for some time now. But being a responsible adult now, I did not want to splurge my hard earn money without thinking twice OR ask my parents to pay for my extravagant choices (IF they choose to buy it on their own, then that I will accept as a gift. But I strongly try not to ask them to buy me anything ~ hehe) So when I passed by Barney's today and saw these boots in my size!, 60% OFF!, it was M E A N T - T O - B E. So yes. Although it is slightly later in the season, but I finally own these lovely Python Boots By ISABEL MARANT. & Best of all: I paid for these badarss babies myself! ;P 

Another buy was of a bigger item ...
Introducing another new baby: C250 - Mercedes Benz

 All in all, this Saturday was a very eventful/rewarding day :D Couldn't be happier! I guess you can say its kinda a early Happy Birthday for myself ;P


June Giveaway is still happening. The winner will be picked randomly from my GOOGLE+, Twitter, & Instagram followers. Winner will be announced on June 23rd Midnight - in Celebration to my Birthday ~ <3 
Good luck!

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